Glaive Bastion-22

A hulking warforged warrior of Aundair


Glaive Bastion-22 is a warforged juggernaut soldier that was created within the forgehold of House Cannith in the nation of Aundair. He was born alongside four others of his military patrol pack, designated as the Dire Wolves-22. The Dire Wolves spent many years in service to the Audarian crown during the Last War, fighting within the Eldeen Reaches to reclaim territory for the Queen. Glaive was the vanguard that the scouts flushed the forest dwellers into, and the Wolves were very successful in their duties.

However, during one sortie into an area of the Reaches known as the Twilight Desmesne, the Dire Wolves were set upon by several waves of fey creatures; eladrin, brownies, and quicklings. Glaive did his best to defend himself against these faerie creatures, but their enchanting magics shut him down and left him in a state of stasis, left to rot within the trees. For three years Glaive sat dormant in the forest, until a finally strange voice started to stir from the darkwood that ran through his structure. A voice speaking of far away lands, of great hunts, of feats of strength, of protection the world, and of the pack. In his time as G-BAS-22, Glaive was part of a regiment that operated as a pack, gaining power when they were near one another. This hunt, this power, this voice, however, was that of Kalok Shash, the Voice of the Flame, a pack unlike no other.

After his time in that dream, Glaive awoke with new purpose— to understand the laws of nature and to find a pack as per the Voice of Kalok Shash to help defend the world from the demons locked beneath the earth. He returned to Aundair to find his pack had somehow survived the encounter in the forests, but that they had gone their separate ways. Glaive learned that his Cannith patron, Lady Elaydren d’Vown, had gone to the city of Sharn on a mission, and Glaive chose to follow.

Glaive Bastion-22

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