Camina Canatar Davandi

An intellectual gnome woman of noble birth


Camina Cantar Davandi is the third child of gnomish parents Cyril and Bella Davandi in the city of Korranberg, in the nation of Zilargo. A family of new money within the nation, her parents just recently acquired a chair within the Triumvirate, the nation’s ruling class. Camina’s elder twin sibilings, sister Demetra and brother Donal, both were meant to inherit the family’s position, and Camina took that as a sign to not waste her time on politics. Instead, she threw herself into intelligence, becoming a devotee of Aureon, the God of Law and Lore.

Unfortunately, her siblings did not take to the family’s position of influence, and instead the twins ran off to Sharn to indulge in any and all of the vices they could. Camina was asked by her parents to track her brother and sister down as apparently they had acquired quite a family debt within the city, and Camina agreed. Upon traveling to the City of Towers, she met with her uncle Thurik Davandi, of Davandi Fine Tailoring (Thurik being the younger brother of her father Cyril). Thurik and his good friend Kalphan Riak (High Priest of the Church of Kol Korran) have high hopes for the young gnomish woman, as she is quite a bit more savvy than either of her two elder siblings.

Camina Canatar Davandi

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