Bryony Tullier

A young human Gatekeeper druid


Born on a boat in Lake Galifar outside the Eldeen Reaches, but whose mother died as a result of childbirth. Raised by her single father, a member of one of the Wardens of the Woods druidic clans. Upon her majority, Bryony began hearing the whispers of Khyber, and her father passed her onto the Gatekeepers for further instruction on how to harness her new abilities.

Bryony spent several years under the tutelege of a human man named Cairn Mantanye, a go-between who worked with both the Wardens and the Gatekeepers in the Eldeen Reaches. Cairn’s main focus was the entombment of the daelkyr within the depths of of Khyber, and whenever he would hear of new aberrational manifestations he would travel there to study, learn, and defend.

A short time ago he traveled to Sharn along with his protege Bryony, to deal with a aboleth found down in the depths of the city. Upon his successful destruction of the creature, he tasked Bryony and a dwarven barbarian named Carnaby Goebb to watch over Sharn while he ventured off into the Mournlands. He inducted both of them into a group of his own, Cairn’s Keepers.

Bryony Tullier

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