An elven blacksmith from Aerenal


Al’Lesha is a high elf born into Aerenal’s servant class, where he worked in the smithies. Upon reaching his majority, he was sent to the Mror Holds to learn advanced techniques in blacksmithing from the dwarven masters of Onatar. While there, he forged and polished his first sword, an elven longblade of exceptional quality.

He eventually returned to Aerenal, and while he went about his business he noticed the graceful stylings of the bladesinger warriors practicing their katas. Through his surreptitious observations he began to learn their techniques, and he would spend his off-hours practicing them himself in hope of perhaps moving up from his more menial positions. However, he eventually was found out and was nicely asked to leave the island for daring to move above his station.

Al’Lesha arrived on the coast of Khorvaire in the land of Valenar, and soon began working for their quartermaster companies as the Valenar mercenaries sold their services to the nation of Breland during the Last War. His life was uneventful until the Day of Mourning, when he was caught in the cataclysm while helping unload a Lyrandar airship called The Albatross. He escaped the disaster when the aberrant chronomagic of Corbin Dalas manifested and the ship timeshifted several miles away. Upon the ship’s destruction, Al’Lesha accompanied Corbin for several months as they eventually made their way to the City of Towers.

While in Sharn, Al’Lesha has spent much of his time in The Cogs, at the Pool of Onatar’s Tears— the largest temple and shrine dedicated to the God of Fire and Forge. He has continued to work on his smithing and to understand the blessings Onatar grants to his children of fire. His good friend in the Pool is a dwarven smith he studied with back in the Mror Holds many years ago, Origgoth Runeforge.


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