Reflections of the Last War

An Introduction in Sharn - Part 1
Adventure Block 1 - Nov/Dec 2018

Flint Battlehammer
On the lightning rail heading into Sharn, dwarven military captain Flint Battlehammer wears his Karrnathi dress greys as he is coming to the city to find work. He is harassed by Brind Skimble, former Breland infantry and member of the Sharn City Watch in Lower Dura. A slight argument ensues regarding Breland versus Karrnath during Last War, but Flint’s demeanor stands the young Skimble down. As the rail arrives in Terminus, Skimble tells him to come see him if he’s ever looking for work.

The drow shadow elf hunter, Solake, is on the transport ship Heart of Thelanis, sailing from Stormreach to Sharn. She holds a brief conversation with the halfling sailor Derbin “Double Barrel” Primsea, who recommends where Solake should go when she arrives at the city. He is heading home to see his daughter, Olive. Suddenly the wind dies down and the ship is overrun when several sahaugin climb up over the sides and attack. Solake rolls her eyes at the distraction and dispatches most of them with a fierceness and violence that surprises many on the ship.

Corbin Dalas
In a House Tarkanan safehouse, the aberrant dragonmarked Corbin Dalas converses with a mul (half human / half dwarf) trans woman named Gilga Bitterbraid. She has an aberrant mark like him and wears a half-mask due to the facial scarring due to acid burn (the results of her mark). They have captured a hal’fork operative of Information Acquisition (a House Tharashk enclave in Middle Dura) as the operative was hired by The Twelve to find the young Corbin and bring him to justice (due to him accidentally destroying a Lyrandar airship several years ago on the Day of Mourning). Corbin and Gilga interrogate the operative for a bit before telling the hal’fork to give up this witch hunt, or there will be trouble.

At the Pool of Onatar’s Tears in Blackbones (the largest temple dedicated to Onatar in Sharn) Al’Lesha works at the forges with one of the acolytes he was with in Mror Holds, the dwarven priest Origgoth Runeforge. Origgoth is working on his own special battleaxe and wishes to enchant it with Eberron dragonshards. He’s learned of a shipment of shards being held in a private warehouse in Precarious and requests Al’Lesha’s help in stealing it, but Al’Lesha convinces his friend it would be unwise. Unfortunately, this conversation was overheard by another Onatar priest, the human Durhan Grasp.

Olive Primsea
Olive leaves the Silvermist Theater in Westbridge (the western half of the Callestan district of Lower Dura), having been once again turned down for a job as a violinist and entertainer there. She swears that they haven’t heard the last of her, and in a mood she travels to Eastbridge and sits at a large headless statue called The General. This is where many of the homeless of Callestan stay and Olive begins playing her violin to entertain them in hopes of making herself feel better. However, a kobold named Grekmop (a low-ranking member of The Daask) harasses her and yells at her to be quiet. Olive tells the kobold to lighten up, and enchants him with hideous laughter. Unable to stop chortling, the kobold runs off.

In the Firelight district of Lower Menthis Plateau at a secret gladiatorial event called The Burning Ring, the bugbear mercenary Wrak faces off in single combat against a boar shifter named Quarolg. Due to Wrak’s strict code of honor he is unwilling to go all out in just a simple wargame, and ends up being defeated by the shifter. This is the second time he has lost a gladiatorial game at The Burning Ring, and his reputation has begun to preceed him. Following the fight, he returns to the Bloodstone Inn in Lower Dura’s Malleon’s Gate district and is belittled by the goblinoids at the inn for the loss.

Camina Canatar Devandi
In Davandi’s Fine Tailoring in the Deni’yas district of Upper Central Plateau, Camina Devandi speaks with her uncle, Thurik Devandi (owner of the shop) and he acknowledges Camina’s family debts as her twin elder siblings have been layabouts in Sharn spending all their money. Her brother Donal spends all day lounging in a dream theater called Silvermist in Lower Dura, while her sister Demetra has left Sharn entirely to go on some crazed walkabout. To help her pay off the family debt, Thurik hires Camina on behalf of the Boromar Clan to discover the newest job that The Daask gang has been hired for. Camin accepts, and then a friend of Thurik’s arrives to the shop to speak with her. In walks High Priest Kalphan Riak of the Church of Kol Korran and he tells her that he has been hearing stories about her from Thurik, and he wishes to become a patron of sorts. Camina agrees, and he presents her with a gift in an ornate wooden box, 8 beautiful copper rings.